About Me

Edgar Gómez

I´m Edgar Gómez, an (still) young guy who enjoys playing video games and chilling with a beer. But I'm a developer too, and right now the CEO of EcommPro. Oh, yes, I'm the owner of a fashion brand too: Attitude Brand.

I've worked in many companies as a teacher, as a developer, as a product owner, as a team leader. Now I'm doing all of this together in the best possible way I can for my own company.

I know, not master, many different programming languages and frameworks such as Ruby on Rails, WordPress, Magento, ReactJs, Unity3D, Unreal Engine 4, Java... But the ones I trully know and use are Magento, Wordpress and ReactJs.

I own a grade in Computer Science, an MBA, several programming courses... I can make this explanation longer but I think is better if you take a look at:

  • My blog, where I write about technology, personal opinions, lifestyle, and more.
  • My Linkedin, where I have all my Curriculum Vitae up to date.
  • My contact page, where you can ask me whatever you want. Personal, business, feel free to send a message.

For last but not least, I live in Valencia, Spain. A sunny and coastal city where the weather is good all year round, with good food, good places for sightseeing and, in short, a good place to live.

Here you have my other social media links:

Currently playing: Valorant


Currently developing in: ReactJs