Long time no see!


Edgar J. Gómez / June 16, 2020

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Oh my god. My latest post was two years ago. Since then, my webpage was down and my social media almost freezed. Why? What happened to me? Why my webpage is brandnew and... red? Why Am I writing in english?

Well... Let's answer all this questions and Welcome me back!

This Last Two Years, and a Bit More#

I've been working hard, seriously. I left my old company to start a new adventure: EcommPro. I will talk in depth about EcommPro in future posts, but as a summary, EcommPro is the company me and my partner Manel have founded. It is focused in eCommerce and we tried to grow up without any external financing. That's why I dissapeared. I was fully absorbed trying to survive.

In my previous post I talked about Attitude Brand. This is another adventure alongside EcommPro.

Now, the situation is not different (We continue fighting to survive) but I decided to retake my personal website and make a good use of the new technologies We are using in the company to create this site.

The Brand New Webpage#

I hope you are right now thinking "Hey! This is quite a good site, oh wow, and is actually pretty fast". It is developed with ReactJs that is one of the main technologies We are working with in EcommPro and the technology I want to write about in this blog most of the time.

ReactJs is a javascript framework, modern, reactive, declarative and component based. I'm quite in love with it as it has been a long time since I enjoiyed so much using a new programming language and framework. You can investigate more about ReactJs in his official website: https://reactjs.org/

The result as you can see is an extremely blazing fast website and with the very best performance punctuations from Lighthouse and Google Page Speed. Lighthouse

Google Page Speed I will keep upgrading the website a bit more in the next months so I can improve more the performance, the SEO and create new pages and components that can help too as examples for next posts.

Why the Red Color?#

I have this domain "edgargomez.es" since 2010. I made this very same website like 6 times and always used blue and green colors for my personal brand. Now I'm tired of this colors and I checked that a lot of tech people and tech companies actually use this colors. So I decided to use red. It's a bit agressive, but it's actually good forhighlight important things and works pretty good with the Night view (yeah! click on the moon on the menu and see what happens).

And, by the other hand, my girlfriend always says that red fits me well.

Why Are You Writing in English?#

Yes, my last posts and my last 6 websites were in spanish. Now I want to write in english and not keep a version of spanish of my posts. I think it's a good way to improve my english level by forcing the situation and the real reason is beacause I think I will get more visits to tech posts and more prestige in tech communities if I write all my content in english and I make all my tweets and communications in english.

So, for now, excuse my grammar faults. I promise I will improve. And of course, you can correct me in the comments section or by sending me an email.

What's Next? Are You Going to Disappear for Two Years Again?#

No, or yes, who knows? I'm not thinking in disappear again, actually my goal is to write about ReactJs, about EcommPro and about my next projects. But everything depends on free time and stress.

For now, It's enough. Say Hi in the comments below and let's see if I can keep a promise and come back in a few days with new posts. See ya!

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